A Different Approach

We Value Your Time. Your Time is Money!

Quotes – We will group your quotes by items needed to do the job.

    *Augers with the hardware to attach them.

    *Sprockets then keepers plus the hardware.

Cut your time to review and adjust quotes.

Shipping your parts: We can separate the pallets C1 & C2 if you desire. Palletized parts by machine area…. C1 components are together, C3 on the same skids… Time saved to install not chasing small parts. Hardware is packaged by need.

Example: Sprocket hardware for C1/2 are packaged together, pick up one bag for the sprocket you are installing. C1 floor plate hardware in a separate bag. No more searching in a palletized box for the hardware you need. Shipments are grouped and palletized together when possible, by location on machine C1 parts with C1 parts.

About Our Parts

Chattanooga Hotmix is here to provide all your part needs to keep your operation running! We offer parts built to precise standards from our blueprints, not sketches, and a focus on American manufactured parts and supplies to provide you with high quality parts at a fair price.

Contact our team today to get started with the best service in the country.

Service and Support

Who Are We?

Chattanooga Hotmix is a young company started by the Contractors Heaven family of companies in late 2020 and led by former Roadtec President John Irvine. Recognizing a major change in focus to short term returns by Astec and Roadtec, John Saw the need for more personalized and cost-conscious relations with users.

Chattanooga Hotmix was born to focus on offering the highest quality parts at an affordable price. We are an aftermarket supplier providing only parts that are equal or better in quality than the OEM, with inventory to back up your needs.

Time is money, and we value it. From how we quote you with parts grouped by use and location. To the packaging of hardware by how it is used. No more searching for hardware, it packaged how you use it. We also do our best to ship heavy items (are there any light plates / shafts / augers?) on skids by location on the buggy.

At Chattanooga Hotmix, we strive to provide the best support and service to paving companies. With our primary warehouse in Louisville, Kentucky (also home to the UPS super hub) our manufacturing facility can send any of the 600+ stock items to any location quickly and efficiently. Our in-house manufacturing is split between Ft. Payne, Alabama and Louisville, Kentucky with supplemented inventory at our Chattanooga, Tennessee office.

Your Buggy and Paver

Parts Solution

Chattanooga Hotmix is committed to keeping your Roadtec© buggy and paver running at top notch performance.

• In Stock Parts Available. Over 800 Roadtec Part Numbers
• OEM Specifications Are Our Minimum Standards
• Common Wear Components: Chains / Bars / Sprockets / Floors
• Electrical & Hardware Kits Available
• Personal Service. We Answer the Phone

Service and Support | 888-867-2632