The Parts You Need

Plant to Paver

Parts for Roadtec SB2500a-e Buggies:
Chains, Bars, All The Wear Items, and Much More!

Over 800 Roadtec Parts IN STOCK

Built From Blueprints Not Sketches

Who is Chattanooga Hotmix?

We know Roadtec from the inside out.

With over 75 years of experience selling paving parts and equipment. Roadtec’s last President John Irvine leads a team dedicated to stretching your maintenance budget and making you more efficient.

Part of the Hotmix family of companies (Hotmix Parts and Stansteel in Louisville). Our initial focus was on Roadtec Shuttle Buggies A-e models (Plus selected items for Roadtec pavers).

Chattanooga Hotmix manufactures and sells a broad assortment of parts for Roadtec Shuttle Buggies and some Roadtec pavers. Unlike other aftermarket companies we use our own blueprints for the parts we sell, along with metal specifications to ensure you get the highest quality parts available.

Your Buggy and Paver

Parts Solution

Chattanooga Hotmix is committed to keeping your Roadtec© buggy and paver running at top notch performance.

• In Stock Parts Available. Over 800 Roadtec Part Numbers
• OEM Specifications Are Our Minimum Standards
• Common Wear Components: Chains / Bars / Sprockets / Floors
• Electrical & Hardware Kits Available
• Personal Service. We Answer the Phone

Service and Support: 888-867-2632